Custom Day Tours

Our tours of Auckland are customised to what you are looking for in a tour.

Auckland is built on a narrow isthmus and is surrounded by sea, so when it comes to planning tours, we are spoiled for choice! There is something for everyones taste.

Quotes are done based on locations visited and time allocation.

Overnight Tours

We offer New Zealands best kept secrets (the real New Zealand). Our trips are not a set template, they are tailor made to allow you the maximum kiwi experience.

With overnight tours accommodation options are provided and quoted for.

Tours cover some of New Zealand's most scenic beaches, country markets, wineries, cafes and much more.

A Unique Shopping Experience

In our experience, when it comes to shopping the world has become smaller.

Shopping in most cities is pretty much the same. However with shopping on our tours we offer a unique introduction into how some New Zealanders attract shoppers.

This town (with the image adjacent) is one of our favourites. The main street is distinctive for its use of colourful corrugated iron to decorate many of the buildings.